How to use Mini Prog to read EEPROM for Volvo CEM?

Xhorse Mini Prog

How to use Xhorse VVDI MINI Prog chip programmer to read EEPROM from Volvo CEM? Now I will make a quick explanation of the tutorial as below.

This is the Xhorse MINI Prog, it is a blue handheld pen device with 2 buttons on the body. You can download the Xhorse app on the top by pressing the “MENU” button.
how-to-use-mini-prog-to-read-eeprom-for-volvo-cem (1)

Here is a Volvo CEM for the test, insert MINI Prog adapter to connect with it.
how-to-use-mini-prog-to-read-eeprom-for-volvo-cem (2)

Open Xhorse app to connect with MINI Prog via Bluetooth or WIFI, select car manufacture, and model:
Immo >> Volvo >> GEM(R5F64525)
how-to-use-mini-prog-to-read-eeprom-for-volvo-cem (3)

Read >> EEPROM >> Press “Continue” or “START” button on MINI Prog
how-to-use-mini-prog-to-read-eeprom-for-volvo-cem (4)

Wait reading until 100% >> Rename and save file >> Read and save file success
how-to-use-mini-prog-to-read-eeprom-for-volvo-cem (5)

Now let’s exit to open the EEPROM file, input on a computer browser, or scan PC OQ code for quick login.
File management >> Local file >> Saved folder >> EEPROM file
how-to-use-mini-prog-to-read-eeprom-for-volvo-cem (6)

Read and save Volvo CEM EEPROM data successfully!
how-to-use-mini-prog-to-read-eeprom-for-volvo-cem (7)

how-to-use-mini-prog-to-read-eeprom-for-volvo-cem (8)

Xhorse MINI Prog multi-functional programmer not only can read & write EEPROM data and MCU data, but also can edit data on Xhorse app, provide data storage, repair multiple modules…etc.
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