Xhorse Multi-Prog EEPROM Read/Write Operation Manual

Multi-Prog Programmer

This is the Xhorse Multi-Prog Programmer operation manual on how to read and write EEPROM. Read this article carefully to learn for a start.

What’s EEPROM?

EEPROM is a memory chip used to store various electronic information data of the vehicle. The storage capacity of the memory, ranges from a few hundred bytes to several hundred megabytes. The Xhorse Multi-PROG provides a variety of interface connection methods to read and write chips.

Run the software on the PC to enter the memory function menu, you can select the corresponding options by EEPROM manufacturer and specific model. At present, the device covers almost all the common types of EEPROM chips that can be used in automotive electronic modules. The device supports reading serial interface and parallel interface of various types of EEPROM(some parallel interface memory requires special adapters).

Xhorse Multi Prog Eeprom Read Write Operation Manual (1)

  • EEPROM Model &Mask Query

After entering the specific chip brand menu option, the Multi-PROG software will display all memory chip models under the brand that have been supported. As shown in pic.

Xhorse Multi Prog Eeprom Read Write Operation Manual (2)

In addition to selecting by manufacturer brand, you can also directly enter the memory chip model or silk screen mask in the search box to search for the corresponding options, as shown in the pic.

For example, if you directly input the silk screen mask ‘5BBD’ of an 8-pin chip, the software will automatically display the corresponding chip model 95320 option.

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  • EEPROM Read/Write &Check

For EEPROM, the device provides read, erase, write, and check functions. As shown in pic, you can click the corresponding button directly on the interface.

Please note that all chip data will be lost after erasing, and the original data of the chip will be erased automatically when clicking ‘Write’.

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