Cut 206 Dimple Key with Xhorse Dolphin XP007

Key Cutting Machine

Hey guys, this article will show you how to cut high security 206 dimple keyway keys using the Xhorse Dolphin XP-007, it’s going to be really quick, super simple.

Come with me let’s get it done, in order to get started cutting high-security dimple keys in your Dolphin XP-007 today, you’ll first need to purchase the keyless factory universal high-security cutter and decoder set for dimple keys, it comes with four of the bits that you’re going to need to do this job, the multi-lock 100 and 103 tracer as well as the multi-lock 90C and 93c cutters.

It’s already set up here in the Dolphin XP-007 is our regard blank for the 206 dimple keyway and we have our original. I’ve already put in the 100 guides on the right side here, you wanna start with a 90c cutter, they are going to be your inner dimple cutters. We are going to make sure that our 100 tracer is perfectly aligned, if you look inside this little plunger area there’s a little pointed tip, that’s our actual probe, make sure that’s the first part to touch the surface during your calibration, and then come back and loosen up this one to match for the 90C cutter and turn it on and get to our first cuts. So the point of this little tip here, little plunger tip there is that it lines up with the actual dimple. So Make sure straight with it before, so as soon as it settles in you then pull down and it will only go as far as that tip your reach.

Turn it off, loosen it up, tap it off, let it back in there lined up to the shoulder, start again, make sure your pressure is nice and gentle on these cuts you don’t want to overdo, you push down and cut straight through that will be disastrous, so key’s still in we’re gonna go ahead and remove the 190c guide and cutter.










xhorse-dolphin-xp007-cut-206-dimple-key-12So now after we’ve done, our first cuts were going to install our 93c cutter and 103 guides on the right side, put it in here, touch down, so now they’re already lined up, I’m gonna go ahead and turn it back on.
Power down, go ahead and flip it over, back in place lined up to the shoulder. Now that we have it in nice and tight everything still meets, we’re gonna go ahead and try cutting again.





Look at our key, all right so we got out guard cylinder here, key inserted that we just cut and we got ourselves a turn, bang boom.

That was it the combination of the keels factory, dimple cutters, and guides with the Xhorse Dolphin XP007, made it really easy and possible to cut these 206 simple keyways which worked quite well.