How to activate ID48 (96bit) online calculation for VVDI Key Tool Max?

VVDI Key Tool Max

Problem: VW Touran 2009, failed on transponder cloning with VVDI Key Tool Max, as you can see, it says “Function not activated! Please go to self-service or contact with the dealer to activate.”. I had the same problems with golf mk5. But a few days later cloned without any problems.

Key Tool Max can make it after generated 10 remotes.
There are id48 and id48 can. U may have had 1 of them active and not the other
U need to generate 10 remotes before being active, have to be 10 new remotes.
U can buy 10 remotes and then just generate all of them and it’s active, just re generate the remotes when u go to use them

Specific operation method:
Buy 10 xhorse GL keys (when the key is made in China the product card information is there) and generate 10 pieces of them.
XK series free 25 points each one
XN series free 40 points each one
XE series free 40 points each one
XS series free 60 points each one
only for new VVDI control have free points when you generate for the first time

Here is the good source of 10 xhorse GL keys

And guide on how to activate 96bit 48 clone for Key Tool Max:

Someone says “no matter where you buy it, it’s important that it will be 10 xhorse keys, it doesn’t matter whether those generated on a cable”
Well, it makes no difference…. if KTM is GL… pilots must be GL, if CH is pilots CH In the EU you won’t rather buy CH, and you don’t know what.. you don’t know what.

Finally, solved!
Programmed 10 remotes and ID48 (96bit) online calculation function come back for VVDI key tool max. Successfully coded spare key.